What can you buy for Bitcoin today: a review of options

Where can I Spend my Bitcoins today: an overview of options

Bitcoin has gone a short but curious way. The first two pizzas were bought with it in 2010, which became legendary not least because of their price, they cost the buyer 10,000 bitcoins (at that time only $ 25). Today, you can buy a few houses and a couple of cars for that money. It is not required to transfer the cryptocurrency into dollars or euros. What else do they sell for bitcoins today? Let’s figure it out.

What can you buy for bitcoins: real estate

Knox Group, a corporation from the United Arab Emirates, launched a residential commercial project, under which studio apartments can be bought for 33 Bitcoins, one-bedroom apartments for 54 and the most expensive apartments for 80 Bitcoins. Magnum Real Estate, operating in real estate in New York in Manhattan, also offers buyers to pay Bitcoins. This is done, according to representatives of the board of directors, not so much for the popularization of cryptocurrency, but for the diversification of portfolios.

However, there are not so many legal entities in the field of real estate who decided to support Bitcoin not by word but by deed. However, the physical are found everywhere. It is noteworthy that most often the owners of real estate in resort areas agree (or offer it) to bitcoin payments. For example, the buyer who wished to remain anonymous, with the seller’s consent, paid Bitcoins at the rate at the time of sale for 1.4 acres of land with buildings in the Lake Tahoe region of California. The total cost of all real estate, according to the seller, was $ 1.6 million. Recently, a Miami resident sold his house for 1600 Bitcoins.

Most often, the arguments for such transactions are the speed and reliability that Bitcoin offers. The private broker, who made the sales contract in the United States, noted that the use of cryptocurrency allowed for the fastest transaction in thirty years of operation. It took the buyer 10 minutes to fully repay the financial obligations to the seller.

The mention of cryptocurrencies attracts many people because it is new and unusual. So, the current owners of a rather famous mansion in London called “Notting Hill” announced its sale, but the announcement received particular popularity when it became known that sellers accept payment only in bitcoins.

What can you buy for Bitcoins: cars

Czech Republic is one of the leaders in the number of car dealers where you can pay with Bitcoins. The most famous is the Alza Center, which provides a large selection of brands. There is an option for a second-hand car center FairPlayAuto also offers to pay with a bitcoin.

Bitcoins are more often accepted as payment for premium cars. So, famous Tesla Model S at the price of about 140 thousand euros was sold more than once for bitcoins at the current exchange rate.

The first deal was issued by the center Lamborghini Newport Beach in California. Then its example was followed by the Finnish motor show Auto outlet Helsinki Oy. A few months later, one of the employees of the BitGo software development company made a request for a car from Tesla directly on the manufacturer’s website and paid for the order with Bitcoins.

Private ads for the sale of cars for bitcoins a lot, as is the case with real estate. They are becoming more popular than similar ads, in which there is no mention of cryptocurrency.

What can you buy for Bitcoins: travel

Lithuanian Air Lituanica provided passengers in 2014 with the opportunity to pay with Bitcoins and even reversed a commission to encourage this method of payment. A few months later, the Latvian AirBaltic followed the example of its neighbors. The possibility of a similar payment appeared on the website of the Polish airline LOT in 2015.

Not far behind Europe and America, more precisely its northern part. A number of US airlines offer to pay for tickets with Bitcoin, and the scale in the States is more European. Even in Mexico, which is far from the list of leading countries in the introduction of new technologies, an airline that receives cryptocurrency has appeared. A Canadian GuestLogix allows you to pay with Bitcoin not only plane tickets, but also additional services directly on board – lunches, drinks, etc.

Nevertheless, those wishing to pay with Bitcoins are far from always able to find a suitable option against the background of thousands of carriers of several dozen airlines – a drop in the ocean. Therefore, there were travel agencies specializing in the sale of services for Bitcoins. One of the most prominent examples is the Spanish agency Destinia. With it, you can get for Bitcoins

The leaders note that after the cryptocurrency payment was introduced, the flow of customers increased almost one and a half times. It is connected with a large number of people who want to pay with Bitcoins or with advertising that the agency received as a result of its policy is unknown.

A similar opportunity can be found in some travel agencies in the USA, Canada, several European countries and Australia. If there is still no organization, you can use an online service that works on the same principle as, for example, travelforcoins.com.

What can you buy for Bitcoins: education

Later, Kings College in the USA and the University of Cumbria in the UK followed suit. More recently, the University of Applied Sciences Lucerne in Switzerland joined the list of educational institutions that accept cryptocurrencies and this list is steadily growing.

By the way, recently the world-famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology announced that it plans to issue more than a hundred diplomas based on blockchain technology.

This, according to the administration, will allow to protect students’ diplomas and it will create additional conveniences, such as the ability to instantly show and give the “original” diploma to others with the full security of this action.

If houses and cars sell for bitcoin units, then in the sphere of selling software, applications and electronics, bitcoin is more common than anywhere else.

A complete list is not possible. It is advisable for consultants to specify whether the company accepts Bitcoin in countries where Bitcoin is not prohibited. The chance to hear “Yes” is quite large.

What can you buy for Bitcoins: everyday goods and services

Let there be no such cafes and hairdressers everywhere – you can always use an intermediary – a site like gyft.com, which cooperates with various organizations. Such sites allow you to buy goods for bitcoins and in regular stores, but it is not always profitable.

Where in the world are Bitcoins most active

It is easiest to buy everything you need with the help of cryptocurrency in Europe to the people of Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Italy, and Spain. Great Britain, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria are not far behind in the number of organizations in which it is possible to pay with Bitcoins. There are several points in Ukraine and in France. However, it is even difficult to pay for cryptocurrency in organizations in Belarus. It is difficult at the private level for state control to be too high and cryptocurrency is prohibited.

Russia is hardly represented on cryptocurrency cards such as CoinMap, Coin ATM Radar and Google’s “bitcoin scheme”, because cryptocurrency is not officially allowed. However, “unofficially,” they live and thrive, therefore, to find an announcement in the flea markets, forums, etc., in which goods would be offered for bitcoins, is not difficult, especially for residents of megalopolises.

The USA is represented at the “official” level by New York, Washington, Florida, and California and the transactions are made on the territory of most states. Only here the reason was not the prohibition of bitcoins (they are completely allowed), but the low level of trust in cryptocurrency among the inhabitants of the “backwoods”.

It is easy to find goods for Bitcoins in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines and many other countries of South-East Asia, both in official organizations and from individuals. The situation is similar in South Korea.

In major cities in the south east of Australia, many goods and services are offered for Bitcoin. However, in the rest of the territory such transactions can be concluded only to a point by personal agreement with individuals.

Bitcoin is not widely distributed in South America. Several points in Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia – almost everything that the continent can boast.

Africa is not far away. However, it would seem that bitcoins will not appear there at all soon, but there are already some official points – in particular, in South Africa.