The Multi Billion Dollar
Collector Card Gaming Industry

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CCG Industry Problems & Our Solutions


LICENSE TO USE – Own the cards, not just obtain license for them

PHYSICAL – Card linked to digital cards restricting technical product potential

SECONDARY MARKET FRAUD – Card, asset authenticity is unknown

LIQUIDITY – cards can not be easily sold or traded, loss of revenues for brands from non existent secondary market

LARGE EXPENSIVE TO COLLECT EDITIONS – large collection editions, require large investment to keep up with new expansions and collect sets

ESPORTS FOR ALL – limited access to tournaments

CENTRALIZED MONOPOLIES – Financial benefits and rewards are not equitable for brands, players, collectors community

COST – developers PAY 30% to platforms, with IP brands only receiving up to maximum 20% revenues for their valuable IP rights


OWNERSHIP – Player-owned assets secure on the Blockchain

FULLY DIGITAL – No limitations

IMMUTABLE – Authenticity identifiable by recording on the Blockchain

CARD EXCHANGE – User-friendly market to buy, sell, trade cards and assets. New revenue source for brands to profit from secondary sales

VALUE & LOYALTY – Prices significantly reduced, smaller editions & proof of stake that earn future cards by holding Tokens, saving 50% on collections

ESPORTS FOR ALL – Player-run competition, leagues & tournaments

DECENTRALIZED – Disrupt monopolies, community share via free cards, Tokens, rewards/ revenues on the platform

EQUITABLE – Fair and profitable fee-sharing with 3rd-party Brand and Developers with content creators, earning 80% of revenues

Creata Blockchain Card Games
changes the way people collect

Transformed Digital Card

the Digital Products available – providing a lack of product diversity, originality and innovation caused by the large oligopolistic players in the industry, with a mindset and need to protect physical product market sales. Leading to a compromise in the digital products, limiting innovation and opportunities significantly.

Anti-Fraud business environment

Secondary market inefficiencies and frauds that exist for all collectors and traders with loss of revenues for CCG companies and brands by these activities happening outside their community.

Risk-free product life cycle

Long lead times leads to outdated product – Physical product begins months and sometimes YEARS in advance, with season collections featuring the previous years photos, statistics and even players who have since been traded in most collections.

P2P supply chain

Currently all collectors have to trade on secondary markets like eBay or through collector networks, forums and although this can be profitable for the collector, it is also very risky, abundant with fraud and difficult for collectors to either get the card or product set they desire OR be confident in it’s authenticity and finally be able to profit from selling these assets.

Low-cost business

Physical Sports cards are getting more and more expensive each year to produce and sell, which also require large and costly distribution systems, networks and overheads, but there are fewer people around to buy physical product each year, as older collectors die out and younger collectors are attracted to digital products and games. That is our definition of a money pit!

New innovative product ideas combined with real in game currency Tokens to bring the CCG industry into…

The digital age

Billion Dollar Market Demand
Sports & Non-Sports

Sports collectibles is a multi billion dollar industry,that continues to evolve as the online world creates new ways for digital products and growth.

The overall market on Trading Cards and Sport Memorabilia
67 million people
out of 200 million collectors wordwide
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Current Stage

ICO Fundraising

Collection templates and games are being developed
A web and mobile CCG game, has been operational since March 2017
Currently 10,000 users
Supporting team and infrastructure is all operational, scalable, and tested: Collecting, Trading, Tournaments, Matchmaking, Game Engine, Trading Exchange, Live Auctions, API dev opportunities
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Stage 1


Hybrid Blockchain LIVE!
Creata BCG Collection launched
Token cards, bought and sold on the Card Exchange
In-game wallet and asset purchases
Social aspects introduced
Marketing Acquisition Goal Year 1: 100,000 unique users / 20,000 concurrent capable
Fund Third Party Developer Acquisition
Fund Brand Owner and Partnership Acquisition
New Creata BCG cards rewards for Token holders
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Stage 2


Creata BCG Collection expanded
Tournament system
Card Exchange includes auction functions
Social marketplace
Developer products funding and implementation
Marketing Acquisition Goal: 500,000 users / 100,000 concurrent capable
Third Party Developer and Brand growth drive
New Creata BCG cards rewards continue for Token holders
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Stage 3


Fully upgraded Plasma Blockchain Card Exchange complete
Community-driven in-game functions on the Card Exchange
Marketing push. Goal: 2,000,000 users (100,000 concurrent)
New cards released to Token holders
Creata BCG Token now integrated in hundreds of Brand Collections and third Party Developer Games
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Revolutionary, Disruptive and Unique.

BCG Colllections will combine Digital Collector Cards, Play2Win, Card Gamification, and Sweepstakes. Encouraging players to earn, collect and win as they play, trade, win, providing instant, tangible, real time value that can be on collected, sold, swapped, traded, and auctioned on the BCG full service trading platform

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Ricky Jackson

Founder & CEO

Tony Campbell

Board Advisor

Bob Smith

Board Advisor

Andrew Deeks

Head Of Fantasy Sports

Kim Huynh

Digital Marketing Director

Corey Jackson

Partnership Director

Alex Khieu

Creative Manager

Iris Tsai

Product Designer